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Global Marketing Plan

Here is a summary of our Global Marketing Plan, which we use to market and sell our luxury listings worldwide in over 100 countries and 500 websites.

Proactive marketing versus passive marketing. We go way beyond traditional marketing in real estate by thinking outside-of-the-box to market and sell our clients' properties. Instead of waiting for buyers and their agents to contact us, we utilize an aggressive approach to actively seek out interested buyers and their agents by taking massive action in a number of different ways, which are outlined below.

We target two groups – potential buyers and real estate agents - on a local, national and global scale. This is done with a major emphasis on Internet marketing. This is standard procedure for all of our listings. We believe that the best marketing plan employs several strategies and consists of multiple pieces.

Keller Williams Realty - As part of Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate company in North America and the fastest growing large real estate company in the world. We leverage our network of luxury agents throughout the US, Canada, as well as agents in other major markets throughout the world, to effectively market your property. Ranked #1 by J.D. Power and Associates. Keller Williams Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Both Home Buyers and Sellers in 2012.

Experience - We have over 25 years of experience in marketing to VIPs. We sold one condo for $5.2 million and found the buyer too utilizing a custom website and advertising on Google and Facebook. Sahlman Luxury Properties is one of the top producers for Keller Williams Realty in the Miami area and last year we were in the top 1/2 of 1% nationally out of 90,000 agents. In the 4th Quarter of 2012, we ranked #34 in North America out of all agents and teams. More importantly, we are very successful at selling luxury properties. With a multilingual team and resources that include experts in many different real estate-related fields, we make sure that our clients' experience is exceptional. See Testimonials from our clients on our website. Our clients include Andre Agassi and many others.
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Internet Marketing

Professional Photography: Hiring a professional photographer is vital to marketing this property effectively. Most buyers and agents will decide whether or not to see a property based on the photos. This is not something to be taken lightly as it impacts all of the marketing on both the Internet and in print.

Custom Website: A website dedicated just for the property with its own Internet address ( This website will provide potential buyers with the details of your property above and beyond what is in the MLS (limited to 550 characters). See, or Our websites receive over 2,000 visitors each month.

Website Syndication: Your property will be distributed to more than 500 major real estate websites including Trulia, Zillow, Google, Yahoo,, and many others.

Weekly Communications: We provide our clients with a weekly report that shows how many times their property has been shown and the feedback received from the buyer's agent and/or the buyer.

Facebook: We will create a Facebook page just for the property. With almost one billion members Facebook should be an important part of any marketing strategy.

MiamiHomesForVIPs: Our website is seen in over 100 countries, by over 2,000 unique visitors a month. Combined with our other websites, we attract a very high volume of Internet traffic locally, nationally and internationally.

Wall Street Journal Online: We advertise our high end luxury listings there.

YouTube & Video Syndication: We will create a video of your property that will be distributed to 25 websites that promote videos. YouTube is the 2nd most visited website on the Internet right now, so it is an essential part of any marketing campaign.

MLS in Southeast Florida: Your property will be listed in the Multiple Listings Service database, so over 90,000 licensed real estate agents in Miami-Dade, Broward (Fort Lauderdale area) and Palm Beach Counties) can view the property and share it with their clients.

Targeted Email Campaign (Local, Nationwide, International): Every 2 weeks, a  custom E-Flyer will be sent to over 25,000 local agents, 1,000 agents nationally, and over 1,500 internationally

Blogging: Each week, we will write and post blogs about the property and its community, city or neighborhood, so it receives maximum exposure through the major search engines within hours. New content on website pages takes months to be indexed by the search engines, whereas, blogs appear within hours. This is how we have attracted the attention of a number of our clients.

Personal Network of Affluent Buyers and Agents. My extensive background in business has allowed me to establish a number of prominent contacts in the Entertainment Industry, Sports Industry, Corporate America and Wall Street.  I will be strategically marketing to these personal contacts who can afford a luxury property or may know others of this type. Additionally, my membership with several prominent luxury real estate groups and my extensive networking over the last several years enables me to quickly get in touch with many of the other premier brokers in our industry.

Printed Materials and Advertising

Professional Photography: This was already included above under Internet Marketing; however, it is so important to hire a professional photographer as it is vital to the entire marketing strategy of a property. Most buyers and agents will decide whether or not to see a property based on the photos. This is not something to be taken lightly as it impacts all of the marketing on both the Internet and in print.

Mini 4- Color Brochures: We print mini brochures small enough to fit in a pocket but large enough to showcase your property and our contact information.

Luxury 4- Color Brochures:  For properties over $1 Million which qualify for our Platinum Program, we provide 4 Color property brochures to highlight the key selling features of your property.

Brokers Open: We will host a Brokers Open House and serve lunch to the most successful brokers in the area. We will deliver 100 color flyers to the offices within the surrounding area, as well as an email blast to all agents.


Weekly Reporting. We stay in touch with our clients on a weekly basis by email to inform them of how we are progressing with the marketing and selling of their property. We also let them know how other similar properties in the same area are selling.

Website Traffic Reports – Internet and website traffic reports are available on request.

Customized Marketing Plan

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